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Keep in mind that setting up and completing clinical studies is not an inexpensive process. The fact that affron® has multiple studies across different health concerns and demographics (ages) should be another reassuring reason to make it part of your daily regimen.  Below you will find a brief summary of the topics and results along with a link to the published study for those who like more technical science. Adding to the amazing story behind affron®, the daily dose used in all studies (except for the bioavailability and sleep quiality at low dose) us a small daily dose of just 28mg.  This is another great example of the power behind affron® being a superior saffron extract.

Improvement in Menopausal Symptoms

A study published in Journal of Menopausal Medicine evaluated the use of affron® in perimenopausal (early stages or around the time menopause begins) women and its impact on their menopausal complaints. The results showed an improvement in psychological symptoms and a strong tendency to improve hot flashes and sweating.  
Lopresti AL, et al. Journal of Menopausal Medicine. 2021;27:1-13

Improvements in Sleep Quality

A study published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine measured in adults with self-reported sleep complaints for occasional sleeplessness. The results showed improved overall sleep quality, a reduction of awakenings after falling asleep and improved alertness upon waking up. Additionally, improvements were seen in as little as 7-days.
Lopresti AL, et al. J Clin Sleep Med. 2020

Sleep Enhancement in Adults

A study published in Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics evaluated the effect affron® had on sleep quality. The results showed a significant improvement in sleep quality associated with occasional sleeplessness. Daytime dysfunction from lack of sleep is a sign of abnormal sleep patterns, i.e., insomnia, a disease.
Nishide, A, et al. Japanese Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2018 (8); 46:1407-1415

Affron® improved sleep quality at low dose

A new, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study provided further confirmation of the sleep-enhancing effects of 28 days of affron® supplementation at 14 mg, 1 hour before bedtime, facilitating consumer’s adherence.
By the very first time, a single dose of affron® 1 hour before sleep revealed new possible mechanism of action influencing sleep hormones.
Lopresti AL, et al. Sleep Medicine 86. 2021;7-18

Improvements of Mood in Adults

A study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine evaluated the impact of 28mg of affron® in adults. The results showed that affron® helped adults maintain a positive mood and alleviate occasional stress, frustration and tension.
Kell G., et al. Complement Ther Med. 2017 Aug; 33:58-64

Improvements in Mood in Teenagers (12-16 years of age)

A study published in Journal of Affective Disorders evaluated the effectiveness of affron® in children between the ages of 12 and 16. The results showed affron® has helped teenagers maintain a positive mood and alleviate occasional stress, frustration and tension from the child’s perspective. No adverse effects were reported by the children. 
Lopresti AL., et al. J Affect Disord. 2018 May; 232:349-357

Affron® has proven absorption into your body

It is well accepted that if you can’t absorb something, it won’t work. A study done with affron® and published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine not only proved digestion but also absorption of the main active compounds found in affron®. Without digestion and absorption, a saffron product would offer little benefit. We can see from the study that affron® offers you the absorption you need. As if this wasn’t great enough, the study also showed that this process happened in just one hour after taking the affron® supplement. Affron® gets into your body fast to help you with your health needs quickly.
Almodovar P., et al. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2020

Mechanism of Action

Affron® Boosts Body’s Natural Melatonin Production

Results of a new study demonstrate that the standardized affron® saffron extract boosts the body's endogenous production of melatonin. The new study clarifies the mechanism for affron's positive effects on sleep, providing solid scientific support to the previous studies. With affron®, the body can more efficiently generate its own melatonin without the need for melatonin supplements.
De la Fuente Muñoz, M., et al. Antioxidants 2023

Affron® May Improve Stress Resilience

A new in vitro study sheds light to the stress relief effect of saffron (Crocus sativus L). The research highlights the ability of affron®, to enhance resilience to occasional stress. This new research suggests affron® saffron effectively normalized HPA-axis dysregulation, enhancing adaptation to stressful experiences
Kim, Chae-Young, et al. Nutrients 2023

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