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improves mood, relieves stress, supports relaxation and improves sleep quality
Pharmactive owns saffron fields in the exceptional Castilla-La-Mancha region, in Spain, where Crocus sativus L. has been grown and nurtured for centuries.

Award Winning Ingredient

5 Million people worldwide benefit from affron to maintain a positive mood and mental balance every day

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Published clinical studies prove affron® is effective for alleviating occasional stress, maintaining a healthy mood and avoiding occasional sleeplessness. Affron® also supports normal cognitive health, overall mental wellness and contributes to relieve menopause symptoms.

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Affron® is the only saffron extract standardized to 3.5% Lepticrosalides® (US10933110B2).  

Lepticrosalides® is the scientific name for the natural compounds found in saffron and provides the primary benefits to this powerful spice.
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